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Diamond Coach

Since 1989, Diamond Coach has manufactured rust free, impact resistant buses that provide superior resale value.

Offering a smooth, quiet ride, Diamond buses seat 16-28 riders. These bus solutions are ideal for hotels, transit and parking authorities, healthcare, tour operators, sports clubs, and churches.

Diamond markets its product through a nationwide team of independent dealers, is headquartered in Oswego, KS, and is part of B12 Transportation Group of Kansas City, MO.

VIP 2000

The VIP 2000Up to 17 passengers

The VIP 2000 provides an ideal solution as an assisted living, medical transport, or church bus.  This model is also popular with hotels and parking authorities.  Using the optional wheel chair lift, passengers are safely loaded.

The VIP 2000 can accommodate up to 17 passengers and can be equipped with many of the luxury options of larger “coach” busses.

What makes Diamond uniquely different?  We’re rust free.

In cities with high amounts of rain, snow, sea salt, or calcium chloride, rust will commonly develop in the stepwell, wheel wells, and along door frames of metal buses.  Diamond buses do not rust because of its true composite construction.


VIP 2200

The VIP 2200Up to 21 passengers

The VIP 2200 is an ideal solution for an activity, tour, or paratransit bus.         

The VIP 2200 can accommodate up to 21 passengers and can be equipped with many of the luxury options of larger “coach” busses.  All models can be optioned with a wheelchair lift to meet ADA requirements.   

What makes Diamond uniquely different?  Our buses are impact resistant.   

Try this experiment.  Obtain a cross section piece of a Diamond bus and one from a metal competitor.  Place each cross section on the ground.  Next, hit both pieces with the same amount of force using a mallet.  Which piece does the dent appear?

VIP 2500

The VIP 2500Up to 25 passengers

Fast Fact: Diamond Buses provide incredible cost-savings and resale value. Our design answers the two biggest issues with reselling a bus: the cost of repairs, and the look, or quality of the used bus.

First, Diamond buses do not fade, and do not need to be repainted. You can restore the original finish by simply hand-washing and applying a light buff job to the exterior. In contrast, metal buses require re-painting to cover fading and rust at the time of resale.

Second, Diamond buses resist dings, scrapes, bumps and scratches better than metal due to the gel coat exterior. As a result, Diamond buses look newer at resale than their counterparts.

VIP 2800

The VIP 2800Up to 29 passengers

Did you know the VIP 2800 has a ½” more knee and hip room than comparable models?

While comfort is one thing, viewing the scenery is just as important for tour operators.  That’s why each seat location has its own widow.

For speaking tours, VIP models provide a smooth, quiet ride.  For example, Diamond sidewalls don’t creak because of being glued, taped, or filled with styrofoam.  Diamond also installs thick rubber pads between the “I-Beams” and floor to help cushion the ride while reducing road noise.

Transit Nugget

Transit Nugget

Up to 14 passengers

The Transit Nugget provides an ideal solution as an assisted living, medical transport, or church bus. The Transit Nugget can accommodate up to 14 passengers and can easily be optioned with a wheel chair lift.

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