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We’re proud to provide the nation’s leading truck-mounted vacuum equipment for industrial, utility, municipal and contactor use. The popular line of Super-Products are recognized for their high quality, durability and ease of operation. And our equipment offers some of the most innovative features on the market today! The company has also earned a reputation of being an industry innovator in offering equipment with unique time and cost-saving features such as its exclusive “tilt-ejection” collector body unloading system, which is available on Camel® units. 

But it’s hard to clean up what you can’t see! That’s why we are also happy to provide our customers with pipeline inspection cameras by Subsite Electronics. Let a Subsite Electronics camera go where a human can’t, into those tight pipelines that clog so easily. Subsite Electronics’ equipment is built around single conductor technology, which accommodates all power feed and return functions in a single cable to make our equipment less bulky, easier to control and far safer to use than that built with multi-conductor technology.

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Camel Catch Basins & Sewer Trucks

Super Products LLC has been designing, engineering and building sewer and catch basin cleaners for more than 40 years. That’s experience. And while exceptional, the Camel 1200 and 900 are no exception when it comes to the rich tradition of Super Products offering municipalities and contractors the best in sewer cleaning equipment.


The efficiency of this combination is second to none. The Camel 1200 w/recycling turned out so powerful and efficient that they worked at times 2-3 shifts non-stop. The Camel 1200 w/recycling option is the most efficient, extremely powerful, and relatively simple in operation combination sewer cleaner currently available in the market. The unavoidable maintenance of the recycling system is greatly outweighed by the benefits of the non-stop operation and efficiency.

Boris Kofman, President of CPS USA, Ltd. Schaumburg, IL

Superjet Truck Mounted High-Pressure Jetting Machine

Featuring an 80 gpm single piston water pump, Super Products’ SuperJet truck mounted jetter is an excellent choice for cleaning municipal and residential sewer cleaning. Roto-molded water tanks are stronger and lighter, and have a modular design to accommodate many capacities. This easy to use unit also features a corrosion-resistant enclosure for durability and long lasting life.

Subsite Electronics

H.A. DeHart & Son attends to the needs of our customers in the pipeline inspection industry, providing our customers with:

  • Rugged, dependable pipeline inspection equipment that stands up to the demanding environments they’re subjected to.
  • Data collection software to make sense of your inspections and meet your reporting requirements.
  • Vehicle installations that tie it all together.