Garbage & Refuse Trucks

H.A DeHart proudly offers two major Garbage and Refuse Truck companies: New Way® and Pak-Mor.

New Way®, a family-owned company, is a highly motivated team of experienced and talented individuals who have been committed to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction for over 43 years.

Pak-Mor Ltd. is dedicated exclusively to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a broad and diversified product family which will meet the varied needs of refuse collection users.

Front view of large white garbage truck

New Way

Front Loaders

Superior strength front loader refuse trucks designed for the heaviest routes.

When it is strength, durability and reliability that you need from a front loader truck, there is no task too heavy for these behemoths. With both full-size and lighter-weight options, the Mammoth line has outpaced the competition in performance; making the competitors’ trucks nothing short of extinct by comparison.

These primarily commercial-use front loader refuse trucks give waste management organizations the ability to streamline their labor and increase containers serviced by nearly 10-fold. Unlike other types of garbage trucks, which could take 10 minutes or more to empty a bin, the New Way® front loaders are able to do the same work in under two minutes. In this time frame, their huge 40 yd3 capacity hopper and single-piece arm construction can handle up to 10,000 lbs of waste. For those whose needs do not require that much power, multiple cylinder options allow clients to customize their trucks with 6,000 lb, 8,000 lb or 10,000 lb lift capacities, all with the superior strength of the single-piece arm construction.

Rear view of large white trash truckRear LoadersNew Way

A full line of rear loader garbage trucks that pack a big bite.

New Way’s full line of rear-loaders far exceeds what customers have come to expect in this style refuse truck. With a model to fit the needs of any size waste management operation, each garbage truck is designed for compaction, durability, quality and productivity that sets a high bar in industry standards. And, all are backed by New Way’s exceptional customer service.

The reliability, superior strength and ease of maintenance of the New Way® line of rear loaders is based on an engineering approach that focuses on simplicity. This design simplicity means less wear and tear on critical parts, easy access during operation and maintenance, and quality raw materials that lay the groundwork for a strong and durable refuse packer.

New Way® also offers customization options for manual and semi-manual compaction with a variety of attachments and accessories to meet your needs. As with all other New Way® garbage trucks, each rear loader comes standard with a rear-vision camera and a two-year cylinder warranty.

Automated Side LoaderNew Way

The Most Rugged Refuse Trucks on Earth.

When New Way® saw that there was going to be a market shift to automation, they sent their engineers across the country to research everything that was available. After seeing the good and the bad the market had to offer, the engineers came back to New Way® to design custom, innovative automated side loaders that are built for the long haul.

New Way offers both the Sidewinder XTR Automated Side Loader and the ROTO PAC®, a revolutionary organics or MSW collection vehicle. Each of these can be operated by a single driver, increasing crew efficiency. Add in large body capacities and the strongest arm in the industry, and you have the most rugged automated side loaders anywhere.

Two large white trucks parallel to each other

Side view of white Mamba truckSatellite Side LoaderNew Way

Squeezing into places other refuse trucks can’t.

Satellite packers are ideal for start-ups, rural routes and areas that can’t accommodate full-size packers, such as residential areas with weight limits, parks, narrow alleys, etc.

The satellite lift option, available on the Mamba satellite side loader refuse truck, provides the flexibility to either dump the load on the ground or raise the box to empty into a larger, rear loader refuse truck. This enables the satellite side loader to keep tackling its route while the larger truck transports to the landfill.

CNG and Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

New Way

New Way Trucks leads the refuse industry in environmentally sustainable options for our customers. New Way is further along in battery-electric vehicle (BEV) refuse applications than any other body manufacturer. We have more BEVs in service today than any of our competitors, and these New Way BEVs are working and on the route every day.

New Way has chassis integration projects underway with every major chassis manufacturer in North America. Our Build Your Dreams (BYD) units are on route daily, and development partnerships are underway with Lion Electric, Mack, and Peterbilt that focus on developing software enhancements, operator assists, and pack system efficiencies to help maximize battery life and make the collection operations more intuitive for electric vehicle applications. Several more New Way BEV refuse collection vehicles are on order for private haulers and municipalities across the nation.

New Way BYD-EV Sidewinder front right side view

In addition, 25 to 30 percent of all New Way refuse trucks are built to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Larger municipalities and private waste haulers of all sizes have made long-term commitments to convert their entire fleets to either BEV or CNG trucks. New Way is well-equipped to help meet the sustainability goals which municipalities and private haulers have implemented.

New Way is a certified installer for all leading providers of CNG fuel systems including Hexagon Agility and Momentum Fuel Technologies. There are numerous options for mounting CNG fuel systems. These include back-of-cab mounts, tailgate mounts, frame rail/side mounts, roof mounts, and custom hybrid designs to accommodate unique customer challenges. New Way engineers carefully analyze each chassis and situation to determine the ideal placement for each CNG fuel system.

Ordering a BEV or CNG refuse truck from New Way assures you’ll be driving the greatest value in BEV and CNG refuse collection. CNG systems are currently available on most New Way models, and we continue to work with leading fuel system providers to optimize design integrations.

New Way Trucks is proud to help drive the industry forward by manufacturing environmentally sustainable refuse equipment for our customers. As a leader and steward of innovation in refuse truck body manufacturing, it is up to us to forge a new way forward that includes an emphasis on sustainability. We have played a major role in affecting positive, sustainable change for our customers and the public they serve on their routes.


Pak-Mor Ltd. is dedicated exclusively to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a broad and diversified product family which will meet the varied needs of refuse collection users.

Pak-Mor users know the equipment will deliver the degree of reliability that’s necessary to enable them to meet the challenges of their business.


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