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Spaulding Manufacturing Incorporated has been continuously pushing the limits and boundaries for what Road Maintenance Equipment should be. Our products reflect our strong link to innovative, yet intuitive crafting. Whether it’s recycling asphalt or sealing cracks, we are always looking ahead to the future. With over 30 years of manufacturing comes over 30 years of experience. Spaulding’s product line consists of asphalt patchers, and asphalt reclaimers for 2 – 6 ton hopper capacity. They can be trailer mounted, or slip-In style. We also manufacture larger capacity up to 10 ton chassis mount truck units. Our other quality products include crack sealers, melt kettles, tack trailers, and compact vibratory rollers.

 Roadsaver Hot Asphalt Re-Cycler & Patcher

Roadsaver Hot Asphalt Re-Cycler & Patcher

The Roadsaver was designed to save time and operational money for the end user. It is an asphalt re-cycler and hot patch trailer combo ranging in size capacities of 2 to 6 ton.

The main advantage to the design of the Roadsaver is only ONE burner is needed to reclaim asphalt, where as others require two burners. The fuel and maintenance savings alone make this unit top in its class compared to the rest.

R.M.V Hot Patcher outsideR.M.V Hot Patcher

Over 34 years of innovation have gone into this trailer. The hopper is constructed of a triple walled system, and air jacketed. It can be specified for diesel or propane as a heat source. The hopper size on the R.M.V hot patcher can range all the way from 1-6 ton on trailer mounted units.

The R.M.V Hot Patcher comes standard Air Jacketed, and requires two burners to reclaim asphalt. The hopper floor is constructed with 1/4 steel, 10 gauge thick inner hopper walls, and 14 gauge outer skin. We take pride in making a trailer that will withstand the test of time, and our track record proves that with patchers 25 years and older still in service still to this day.

Truck Mount on truckTruck Mount

The Spaulding RMV Chassis Mount comes in several combinations, and with several different options. The fuel sources are propane and diesel in Air or Oil Jackets, and have a great heating system to deliver even heat from the front to the rear of the delivery chute.

The Spaulding RMV Chassis Mount comes in sizes from 4 to 10 ton size capacities. They can either be equipped with a high power augering system to auger asphalt out, belt driven, or be built with a hydraulic scissor hoist to feed the asphalt out of the back.

The chassis mount is constructed of heavy duty steel. The hopper is a 3 walled fully insulated area constructed of 10 gauge thick inner walls, 12 gauge middle, and 14 gauge outer. The heat system is designed to keep the burners running while going down the road, and to hold temperatures in the coldest weathers for a significant amount of time.

Auger Trailer

Very large black piece trailer with equipmentThe Spaulding RMV Auger Trailer is a trailer that comes built much like the RMV Hot Patcher, but has a built in high power hydraulic auger in the hopper. This rugged machine can empty a full four ton hopper in just ten minutes.

This hopper is triple walled, and comes equipped with three burners attached for fast even heat. Also the RMV Auger Trailer comes with hydraulic loading top doors for easy loading of asphalt. Easy loading and unloading, makes for a more productive, and less time consuming job. No matter what size the job, the Spaulding RMV Auger Trailer can auger asphalt out in a fast and effective manner.

The Auger Trailer can come equipped in either Air or Oil Jacketed hoppers. The frame is constructed of 6 x 2 x 5/16″ thick steel tubing, the hopper is a triple walled Air Jacketed, and double walled being Oil Jacketed. Both hoppers are fully insulated. It comes with a high powered diesel motor powering the hydraulics on the auger and all other specified options.

Crack Sealer

Large orange equipment with yellow hosesWhen it comes time to save your roads by filling cracks, the Spaulding Crack Sealer is a machine that makes this chore fast and efficient. The Spaulding Crack Sealer comes in two sizes, 125 and 225 gallon, and can melt down any road grade rubber sealant for crack sealing on the market.

The machine is oil-jacketed and designed in a way to melt down materials to the materials specification. The oil-jacketed drum heats up evenly, making for a evenly heated area so there are no “hot spots” in the drum burning properties from the material.

This oil-jacketed system is fully insulated, and is designed to keep material at correct temperatures for long periods of time. Material is injected into cracks at around 390 degrees for a perfect injection.

Melt Kettle

Black trailer with maintenance equipment on itThe Spaulding RMV Melting Kettle, made for small maintenance jobs, the melting kettle is know for it’s simplicity, ease of operation, and rugged durability. With an oil-jacketed, fully insulated drum, material is melted down to specification of the materials, so that no properties are burnt out. The heated oil keeps the material hot for long periods of time, so diesel fuel or propane is saved.

The melt kettle can come equipped with a hand agitator, or hydraulic agitation system. Temperatures are controlled by a digital temperature controller, so when the drums calls for heat it automatically turns on.

An array of options can be put on a melting kettle. With an extended frame the options of docking for push carts, blowers, and propane torches, can be accommodated.


Large yellow piece of metal equipmentThe Slip – In model comes in 2-6 ton hopper holding capacity sizes. Spaulding Mfg., Inc. is determined to meet your needs however you are wanting to dispense asphalt from the hopper. It can come in either standard dumping models, auger, or belt driven.

Much like the Hot Patcher, the Slip-In model is a fully insulated, designed to hold hot temperatures for long periods of time. Curbside digital temperature controls make for easy adjusting of temperatures.

The slip-in by standard is a dump truck insert, however it has the option to be made to auger, or be belt driven. Many other safety and performance options can be assigned to a Slip-In, ranging from light kits, to overnight heating element.

Tack Trailer

Orange road maintenance equipment on drivewayA permanent patch means you don’t have to keep re-patching the same job. With a sprayed coat of tack, this will ensure your job is permanently done. Our Tack Tanks are an option for every unit we provide, and if our on-board tack tank isn’t enough, well, we also have our 150 or 250 gallon tack trailer for much larger jobs that require tack.

The Spaulding Tack Trailer comes with a hydraulic agitation system, and rear spray bar with eight nozzles. It sprays evenly between the nozzles leaving a perfectly coated area.

The Tack Trailer can be insulated or built without insulation, according to customer specifications. It comes with a diesel burner, and a gasoline Honda engine to power the agitator, and gear reduction pump. Just like the Roadsaver, and Crack Sealer, it comes equipped with a digital temperature controller, for automatic heat detection.

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