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With more parking lot and street sweeper models to choose from than any other manufacturer, Schwarze Industries is dedicated to using a Total Performance Teamwork concept to produce, maintain and market the finest, most durable, quality power sweeping equipment in the world. This includes models for parking area cleaning, industrial sweeping, mall and shopping center sweeping, airport runway sweeping, street sweeping, milling cleanup and storm water runoff (PM-10) management. Dirt and debris won’t stand a chance with a Schwarze sweeper!


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Co-Operative Purchasing Contract Pricing:
Schwarze A8 Twister Street Sweeper

State of New Jersey
Division of Purchase and Property
Master Blanket Purchase Order
T3074 Heavy Duty Regenerative Air Street Sweeper with Twin Gutter Brooms, Mounted on Truck Chassis

A8 Twister with red and white patriotic design

Schwarze A8 Twister Street Sweeper Co-Operative Purchasing Contract
NJ State Contract Blanket Order #17-Fleet-00323

Vendor Number:  V00004080
H.A. DeHart & Son
311 Crown Point Road
Thorofare, NJ 08086

(1) One Heavy Duty Regenerative Air Street Sweeper with Twin Gutter Brooms, Mounted on Truck Chassis as Specified in Section 3.4.1 of the Bid Solicitation (RFP).   Make:  Schwarze Model A8 Twister, Tier 4 2017 Delivery Days After Receipt of Order 90 to 180 Days

Total Cost:  $257,116.00 Each

*Additional Factory Options Available

For a complete listing of this offering please email or call 800-222-0271 ext 20.

Street Sweepers

Storm street sweeper on street in daylightThe enhanced A4 Storm is a full-size street sweeper in a compact, super-maneuverable package.

When it comes to features and performance, the A4 Storm meets or exceeds all similar competitor models in the major performance categories including dump height, water capacity, broom size, sweep width, ergonomics and, above all, sweeping performance.

With its short wheelbase, high maneuverability, and full-size sweeper performance, the A4 Storm is uniquely positioned to excel at construction site cleanup where space is limited.

The enhanced A4 Storm has a large, full-size, high-performance sweeping head and fan system and features large, corrosion-resistant polymer tool boxes. Its standard water system of 130 gallons can be supplemented with an optional additional 66-gallon tank, taking the unit’s capacity to a whopping 196 gallons.

Mechanical Sweepers

AS Twister street sweeperThe enhanced Schwarze® A8 Twister™ offers a generous 6 cubic yard, fully stainless steel hopper and full range dump heights from 2’ to 12’. The new dump system utilizes the proven Schwarze scissors lift that has been used for many years on the M6 Avalanche.

The new A8 Twister™ has the capability of low dumping without any stabilizer deployment. This means that the new A8 Twister™, with its 6 yard capacity, can carry and offload just as fast as some popular low dump regen models. The new A8 Twister™ is like having two machines in one.

The A8 Twister™ comes standard with the 115 hp John Deere 4045 Tier 4 final engine making it the lowest emission high dump regenerative sweeper available in the market today. For applications such as construction or high speed sweeping, a 140 hp Tier 4 final engine is available.

Parking Lot Sweepers

Schwarze parking lot sweepers are designed for long-life and low cost of ownership. Whether you need a light-duty pickup mounted sweeper or a heavy-duty chassis mounted dual-engine solution, Schwarze sweepers will keep your crews in the field working. And features like Schwarze Sweeps-In-Reverse℠, WhisperWheel℠ Fan system, leaf bleeder, and in-cab hydraulic gutter broom tilt allow your operator to be efficient and productive.

Schwarze parking lot sweepers are equipped with the best in public safety features to keep your operator, pedestrians and vehicle-driving public safe and alert to driver actions. Special value features like hydraulic test ports and slide-out screens provide quick work of maintenance items so your sweeper spends more time making you money and less time in the shop.

Super Vac Aero equipement hitched to truck

The Schwarze® SuperVac Aero™ is a light-duty parking lot sweeper with a 2.0 cubic yard hopper. The SuperVac Aero™ is used by universities, parks and rec facilities and other agencies not wanting the expense of a dedicated chassis and sweeper combination.

The Aero™ easily slides into the back of a standard half-ton pickup or pulled on the optional trailer. The SuperVac Aero™ is a light-duty cost-effective option with a low cost of ownership.

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