Snow & Ice Removal

H.A. DeHart & Son offers a wide array of winter snow and ice equipment. We handle Snow Plows from 6-1/2 ’ through 20’ for the smallest parking lot jobs to major airport runways; and many selections of Salt Spreaders from SaltDogg and Meyer. Tailgate and “V” Box Spreaders are available for pickup trucks through tri-axle dump trucks. Pre-Wetting Systems and complete facility installed Wetting Systems with GPS are also available.

We offer Snow Blowers for loader mounting and complete trucks with Snow Blowers for airport or other large scale operations. Combination Dump and Spreaders. Such manufacturers as Meyer, Viking and Good Roads manufactured in steel, aluminum and stainless steel are represented. Tailgate and “V” Box Spreaders are available for pickup trucks through tri-axle dump trucks. Pre-Wetting Systems and complete facility installed Wetting Systems with GPS for vehicles are available from H.A. DeHart & Son.

Whether you are looking for snow removal equipment to handle the smallest job like a driveway or a larger job like an interstate highways we have the plow for you!


Meyer Snow Plows

Meyer offers the most comprehensive line of high-performance snow and ice control equipment on the market. No matter what type of vehicle – from pick up trucks to large municipal trucks – and no matter what the application – sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, busy streets and more – Meyer has the snowplow for you.

Meyers EZ Mount Plus

Ease of Use & Choice of Two Operating Systems That Make Your Job Easier
Meyer is pleased to offer two operating systems: The all-new Standard Operating System™ and the EZ-Mount Plus™ system. The Standard Operating System* has been designed to provide industry-leading ground clearance and is equipped with an adjustable drop speed and Nite Saber III dual-halogen lights. The EZ-Mount Plus system offers premium features such as self-diagnostics and hands-free plowing. Both conveniently attach or detach in under a minute and leave the vehicle with an off-the-assembly line appearance when not attached.

Reliability – Backed by an industry leading 5 Year Warranty!
In the snow plowing business, downtime is not an option. That’s why the Meyer Lot Pro is built using Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC)… the detailed things we do to make our plows more rugged and reliable. ROC is the result of manufacturing improvements and state-of-the-art technology combined with stringent quality control procedures.

Three meyer snow plows

Good Roads Plows

GOOD ROADSGoodroads Snow Plows South Jersey Philadelphia Having the right equipment during the height of a winter storm is truly critical. Good Roads, which is now apart of the Godwin Group, manufactures some of the highest quality snow plows on the market. Over the last 100 years Good Roads has become a staple in the industry with its dependability and constant product innovation. They currently manufacture more then 75% of the all the plows used to clear the roads in the United States. HA DeHart & Son proudly sell and service Good Roads plows in the South Jersey, Philadelphia and Delaware areas.

We carry a full lineup of Good Road products, but here are just a few our most popular items.


120M Good Roads Plow

120M Good Roads Plow

112M Good Roads Snow Plow

112M Good Roads Plow

120 Good Roads Snow Plow

120 Good Roads Snow Plow

112 Good Roads Snowplow

112 Good Roads Snowplow

712 Good Roads Plows

712 Good Roads Plows


Good Roads V Box Spreaders

All lengths have a standard overall height of 50″ and an inside width of 78″. Standard conveyor door opening is 10″ x 20″. All major V-Box spreader components (unless stainless) are zinc primed and powder coated for a finish that is 700% more corrosive resistant than traditional paint and primer.

Good Roads V Box spreader on white background
Hopper Length 9′ 10′ 11′ 12′ 13′ 14′ 15′ 16′
Capacity (cubic yards) 5.5-6 6-6.5 6.5-7 7-7.5 7.5-8 8.5-9 9-9.5 9.5-10


  • 10 Gauge Construction (whether steel or stainless steel)
  • Bolt In Conveyor Floor
  • Replaceable Chain Covers
  • 2” Conveyor Drive Shaft
  • 8 Tooth Keyed Drive Sprocket (replaceable)
  • 25:1 Enclosed Lubricated Worm Gear (USA made)
  • 1-1/2” Idler Shaft
  • Greasable Flange Bearings on Drive and Idler Shaft
  • 24” wide, 2-1/4” Pitch Conveyor Chain
  • 1/4” x 1-1/2” Chain Bar Flights
  • 10” x 20” Feed Gate Opening
  • Adjustable Jack for Feed Gate (ground controlled)
  • Tilt Up Spinner Chute
  • 18” Urethane Spinner Disc
  • 4 Tie Down Brackets
  • Straight Rear Wall and 26º Tapered Front Wall
  • External Side Bracing


  • 201 or 304 Stainless Construction
  • Hinged Screens
  • Inverted “V” Conveyor Bridge
  • Spring Loaded Idler Chain
  • Remote Idler Grease Fittings
  • Chain Oiler
  • Electric or Hydraulic Pre-Wet System
  • 12” Sides Extensions
  • Sloping Front (for telescopic hoists)
  • Service Ladder
  • 3/8” Chain Bar Flights
  • 3/16” Conveyor Floor
  • Cab Shield
  • Winch Up Spinner Chute (tilting std.)
  • 50:1 Gearbox
  • Motor Over Spinner Disc Option
  • Diverter Chute
  • Tailgate Latch Kit
  • 2” PVC Coated Nylon Tie Down Kit
  • Dual Flow Control Valve (manual)
  • Electric Spreader Control (numerous options)
  • Spot Light
  • S,T,T, Rear Light Bar
  • Safety Light(s), (numerous options)
  • Color Options
  • Spreader Stand

American Road Machinery

Truck with snowplow attached in frontAmerican Road Machinery offers a complete line of heavy duty snow plow systems and integrated custom upfit solutions, built to withstand years of service on city streets, rural roads, or interstate highways under the worst snow and ice conditions. American Road Machinery state of the art manufacturing and upfit facility located in Canton, Ohio covers 88,000 sq. ft. on 10 acres of land. With the latest in CNC burning and forming capabilities, assembly bays, finishing and painting systems all coupled with 3D computer-aided design, we design and build the equipment you need.

American Roads Machinery Snow Plows

Triton Snow Plows

Straight Moldboard Series

Triton snow plows by American Road Machinery combine both durability and versatility to build the perfect clearing solution for both open highway and city street applications. The Triton system can be tailored to the specific way you want to clear snow.

American Roads Machinery Snow Plows

Hercules Snow Plows

One Way Snowplow Series

Hercules Snow Plow lifts and curls snow and reduces throwing snow too far which is perfect for rural roadways. This plow also reduces snow blowing back onto windshields.

American Roads Machinery Snow Plows

Atlas Snow Plows

Medium Duty Trucks

Ideal for commercial vehicles clearing driveways, parking lots, cul-de-sacs and side roads, the Atlas Snow Plow provides a tough solution with all the features of the big guys.

Viking-Cives Plows


Viking Cives Plows

Viking-Cives has been providing snow plows and salt spreaders to the South Jersey and Philadelphia markets for over 40 years. During this time we have honed and fine-tuned our products so that they perform at the highest levels. We have great financial strength and organizational depth, so that we will, without a doubt, be here to service you during the life of your Viking equipment. We are proud to be an employee-owned company. Viking-Cives Snow Removal Equipment is designed for durability and long-lasting performance. Viking Equipment is “built to withstand” to compensate for the toughest snowplowing conditions. Viking uses a proven design with the application of sound engineering and structural principles, resulting in the finest equipment available.

Viking Cives Snowplows South Jersey

Heavy Duty Snowplows

Heavy Duty Plows

Taking interstate & big city plowings and making it a breeze
Viking-Cives snow plows are designed for a wide range of heavy-duty city, rural or interstate type plowing and is available for use on heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment. HA DeHart & Son proudly serves the South Jersey and Philadelphia markets with many different varieties of plows, wings, front and rear masts, hitches and bodies.

Viking Cives Sidewins

Premium Side Wings

Premium Side / Patrol Wings

Giving your fleet extra help for the long roads
Viking-Cives engineered hydraulic patrol wings require little cab to body clearance so that you can maximize your dump body payload. Viking hydraulic patrol wings are capable (depending on your truck chassis and equipment) of benching to a height of 36”.


Meyer Salt Spreaders

meyerMeyer UTG Spreader truck

Meyer knows salt spreaders. Whether you are looking for a walk behind spreader to handle the sidewalks or an insert hopper to handle the large parking lots of South Jersey and Philadelphia. Meyer’s full line of salt spreaders has you covered. Meyer’s salt spreaders are on the road more then any other company in the Philadelphia and South Jersey regions.

Meyer salt spreaderMeyer Blaster Tailgate Salt Spreader

Contractors #1 Choice for light duty pick up trucks!
When you need to control the flow of any material, the Meyer Blaster is the tailgate spreader for you. Compatible with ½-ton and larger pickup trucks with a two-inch receiver or tractors with a three-point hitch. The Meyer Blaster comes in two sizes: The Blaster-350 is available in a 6.5-cubic-foot capacity and the Blaster-750 features a 12.8-cubic-foot capacity.

Patented Brush Auger Prevents Ice Melt Leakage
Ice melt is expensive, and the problem with most tailgate spreaders is that it leaks out of the hopper when the spreader is not in use. To prevent this money drain from happening, the Blaster 350 and 750 both come standard with a patented brush auger that prevents material leakage. The auger’s helix design also promotes a better draw down of material from the hopper.

If you have a vehicle smaller then a 3/4 ton, we recommend going with one of Meyer’s Light Duty Snow Plows.

Polyhawk Insert Hopper

Pickup with salt spreaderMeyer Polyhawk saltspreaderHeavy duty build and stable control for larger area South Jersey Snow Plow jobs!

Popular with contractors and other vocational users, the Polyhawk is powered by your choice of a Honda or Briggs & Stratton gas engines or a dual, 12-volt electric motor. The Polyhawk can even be operated by your vehicle’s central hydraulic system. Available in 6′ and 8′ lengths, Polyhawks are perfect for spreading bulk materials like rock salt with sand mixed in it.spreader insert closeup

With the Meyer Polyhawk’s two internal and four external baffle adjustment systems, you will place the material in the right place, every time. Whether you want to spread four feet to the left, four feet to the right, or spread a 30-foot pattern, you can easily adjust the spreading pattern to meet your unique demands. In addition, the Polyhawk is engineered to handle virtually any material you can throw at it including salt, sand and salt/sand mix.

PV Insert Hopper Spreader

Insert hopper in pickup truckMeyer Insert Hopper
Professional salt spreader for the snow removal specialist Designed for professional use, Meyer’s PV spreaders share many of the time-saving, long-lasting features our larger MDV series, Meyer PVs are powered by your choice of a Honda or Briggs & Stratton gas engines or a dual, 12-volt electric motor. Available in 7′ and 8′ lengths with 1.8 and 2.0 cubic yard capacities, Meyer PVs are perfect for spreading bulk materials.

Meyer wants to make sure you spread material precisely where you need it and in the pattern you need, consistently every time. That’s why we designed the PV spreader with two interal and four external adjustable baffles. You can count on a Meyer PV spreader to accommodate the intricacies of your spreading job and perform even in the harshest, snowiest conditions.

UTG Premium Dump Truck Spreader

Meyer Salt Spreader
The ultimate dump truck salt spreader by Meyers The Meyer Under Tailgate (UTG) Premium Spreader has all the same great features and benefits of the Baseline 960, but it’s constructed with heavier gauge stainless steel, meaning it was built to take more of a beating. This unit does not require you to replace your tailgate, so you can use the dump bed when the spreader is not in use.

Piece of metal equipment with copper coil in middle

Hydraulic or Electric?
Meyer UTG Premium spreaders can apply salt, sand or combination of both, from four to 40 feet away on icy drives and snowy parking lots.

If your vehicle has a central hydraulics system and you want to use it to power your spreader, you need our hydraulic-driven UTG. It can be powered using a direct-drive or gearbox-drive system. Direct-drive gives you higher performance and decreased maintenance, while the gearbox-drive offers better control at low spread rates for more efficient spreading. For dump trucks without central hydraulics, or if you don’t want to use them to drive the spreader, you’ll want a Meyer electric UTG. Electric motors offer many ease-of-use advantages and are ideal for lighter, free-flowing materials.


Salt Dogg

SaltDogg Spreaders

Buyers Products Company began manufacturing carbon steel SaltDogg salt spreaders in 1989 and later expanded its line to include poly and stainless steel construction.

TGS06 Spreader truck with snow plow attached

TGS06 Tailgate Spreader

  • Spread Material: bagged #1 rock salt
  • Feed Mechanism: manual open/close gate with gravity feed
  • Power Source: electric
  • Capacity: 10 cu. ft.
  • Poly hopper, powder-coated steel frame
  • Material spread up to 30′
  • 12V DC motor housed in a sealed chamber
  • Mounts to any 2″ hitch receiver (includes universal stake pocket attachment)
  • Includes 80 lb. vibrator installed
  • Construction: Poly Hopper/Steel Frame with a Hinged Polymer Lid
  • Controller: Variable Speed | Vibrator Switch
  • Vehicle Application 3/4-Ton & 1-Ton Trucks

SHPE2000 Tailgate Spreader

Large Salt Dogg equipment in truck bed of white pickup truck

  • Spread Material: bulk salt, salt & sand mix
  • Feed Mechanism: 2-1/2″ stainless steel auger and trough
  • Power Source: electric
  • Capacity: 2.00 cu. yds
  • Double-wall poly-molded hopper
  • Material spread up to 30′
  • Two 12 VDC direct drive gear motors (1/2 HP for auger, 1/4 HP for spinner)
  • 2-1/2″ diameter stainless steel auger and trough
  • Spinner assembly can be easily removed for cleaning and storage
  • Includes 200 lb. vibrator, top screen, tarp, tie-downs, remote auger bearing grease kit
  • Not recommended for highway use

1400455SS Tailgate Spreader

1400455SS Salt Dogg Salt Spreader

  • Spread Material: bulk salt, bulk sand, salt & sand mix
  • Feed Mechanism: 14-1/2″ wide conveyor chain with 1/4″ crossbars
  • Power Source: gasoline, electric, or hydraulic
  • Capacity: 2.5 cu. yds. (8′), 2.75 cu. yds. (9′), 3.0 cu. yds. (10′)
  • 304 stainless steel hopper
  • Adjustable Feedgate
  • Available with 10-1/2 HP gas engine, 2 independent electric motors, or 2 independent hydraulic motors
  • 14-1/2″ wide conveyor chain with 1/4″ crossbars
  • Spinner chute has two adjustable internal baffles
  • 4 Hinged top screens, 1/4″ bars
  • Inverted V
  • Bolt-on spinner housing
  • 14″ Spinner disc


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